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We, at the New Universal Church believe that we are all seeking and discovering our own personal truth in our own unique way.

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Touch: There are scores of superstitions, taboos and myths associated with the power of touch. There are countless tales and beliefs that involve being cursed, deformed, cured and/or blessed with a simple touch. Yet, physical touch is one of the vital requirements of the body. The fulfillment of this need is often deprived by our social norms. We are taught to maintain our personal space and even to avoid touching someone by accident. In reality, touch is so necessary to our life force that babies will die if they do not receive sufficient touching, especially the very young infants. People who grow up in an environment devoid of human touch frequently become sociopaths or have significant emotional problems. Our physical body communicates its need for touch in a variety of ways. A toddler reaching out and crying to be picked up is in need of comforting touch. Our reflexive response to pain is the body communicating its need for healing touch.

Natural: The practice of healing through touch, or laying-on-of-hands, is older than mankind and is one of our basic animal instincts. If you get cut or stung, the first thing you do is clap your hand over the painful area and focus on it until it begins to feel better.
This is the application of the rudimentary principles of healing touch. It is an ability that everyone is born with. Our over industrial society brainwashes us to think that we cannot heal ourselves when the reverse is true.

Reiki is an energy healing modality that utilizes the benefits of touch healing. We engage and affect this energy with our intention. We have an intention of healing then healing occurs. This is the most important principle of Reiki or any other energy healing modalities; intention.

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