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Reiki Class Schedule   
Houston, Texas: February 28-March 1, 2018: For Info Click Here
Dallas, Texas: March 3-4, 2018: For Info Click Here
San Antonio, Texas: March 3-4, 2018: For Info Click Here 
New Orleans, Louisiana: March 6-7, 2018: For Info Click Here
Atlanta, Georgia: March 10-11, 2018: For Info Click Here 
Charlotte, North Carolina: March 10-11, 2018: For Info Click Here 
Orlando, Florida: March 17-18, 2018: For Info Click Here   
St. Louis Missouri: March 18, 2018:  For Info Click Here
Ft. Lauderdale - Miami, Florida: March 24-25, 2018: For Info Click Here 
Savannah, Georgia: April 7-8, 2018: For Info Click Here
Tampa Bay area, Florida: April 14-15, 2018:
For Info Click Here 
Clases de Reiki en Espanol
haz clic aqu

Dedicated to the healing and well-being of the Universe and all of its inhabitants.              

Our Mission

It is our belief that all individuals have the natural born ability to be responsible for their own good health.  Good health is simply a natural state of being. We have tremendous innate healing abilities and our systems will always work to overcome illness and restore balance. It is important to utilize these resources and natural therapies to complement professional medical care.  Despite all of the advancements made by the conventional medical establishment, they are still lacking in their treatment of the person as a whole. We do not suggest that you discard your family physician, only help him or her to do their job better by taking some control and responsibility for your own body and health. 

About Healing Today

Since 1999, we have sponsored healing circles, workshops, drum circles, and festivals in the Tampa Bay area. We are now offering workshops and events in several other areas including Atlanta, Orlando, St. Louis, and Dallas. Education and support offered for Reiki Masters, herbalists, and teacher/practitioners of other natural healing modalities.


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