Upcoming Festivals at All World Acres

Beltainia Come join us for the Beltainia festival in April at All World Acres, Tampa Bay area. This event is always a crowd favorite with activities to enlighten, educate and entertain the entire family.

The busy 4 day schedule will include; grand parade, main ritual, maypole dance, sweat lodge, bardic circle, drum circles, handfasting ceremony, body painting, opening ritual, vendors, several workshops with subjects including Tarot, Aura, Kuan Yin, drumming, energy healing, plus special activities for the kids and special late night fun for the adults.

For more info click here; Beltainia

Body Magick

The Body Magick festival will be in April  at All World Acres in the Tampa Bay area. This festival always attracts a wonderful group of people with a focus on sacred sexuality, sex magick, Tantra, and polyamory. This event is for adults only (18 and older).

For more info click here; Body Magick


A Typical Day at an All World Acres Festival
In the morning stroll down to the cafe for coffee and/or breakfast. Outside in the courtyard you'll find many people socializing and planning for the day's activities. Wander into the garden circle where you can enjoy a quiet moment for meditation or exercise. The fire circle is another favorite spot in the morning and don't forget a visit to the horses. Next it's time to check out the workshop schedule. They all sound fun and educational so catch a couple before lunch. After lunch, if it's warm out, you might want to cool off in the above ground pool or soak in the cool spring fed pond. Or if you prefer to soak up more knowledge there's always more workshops. The afternoon is also a great time for shopping and you'll find a bustling merchants' row with a large diverse selection of merchandise. In the evening you might enjoy a concert or show in the courtyard or join an impromptu jam session/sing-a-long. The night is also time for drum circle and a visit to AWA is incomplete without experiencing  the magic around the main fire. Later in the evening stop by the cafe for coffee or dessert. After 10pm the cafe is adults-only and features workshops or activities with an adult theme. 

First Time Festival Attendees
At All World Acres we have always been proud that many people come here for their first visit to a festival or community gathering. We strive to make everyone feel safe, comfortable, and part of the family. Want to make new friends? You'll find some of the nicest people you're ever going to meet. Want to remain solitary and just observe? There's plenty of room for privacy and everyone's wishes are respected. 

Workshops and Activities 
We hope to soon publish a completed schedule of activities. The lineup already looks to be the best ever offered at an AWA event. It will include some new surprises along with our old favorites. 

The Rising Sun Cafe 
The cafe will be open every day of the event. Food, drinks, snacks, and ice is available at reasonable prices.

General Info 
The site for this event, All World Acres, has hosted more than 50 different events over the past three years. AWA is a not for profit sanctuary and campground that is supported by the community it serves. All of the work done to prepare and facilitate this event is done by volunteers. Their only compensation is the satisfaction of working in a family-like environment to better the community at large. We hope all visitors will want to "join the family" and treat AWA as their home. 

Admission prices and combo packages include all workshops, activities, entertainment, rituals, drum circles, and camping with hot showers and flush toilets.  Event Prices

There will be a limited amount of vending space so please register early. The cost for vending will be $10 per 10x10 space in addition to individual cost.

Reasons to Pre-Register
1. It cost less than at the gate.
2. Pre-registered will receive priority in activities that may have space limitations such as the sweat lodge.
3. It makes it easier for the volunteers to prepare for the event.
4. It makes it easier for the volunteers working the registration booth at the event.
5. It provides the funds necessary for event preparation.

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